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Wills & Testaments
Searching the wills & testaments index is free and it costs 10 credits (2.33GBP, approx. 7EUR or 2.9USD) to view any document.

Coats of Arms
Searching the coats of arms index is free and it costs 10GBP(approx. 11EUR or 16.70USD) to view any document.

Valuation Rolls
Searching the Valuation Rolls index costs 1 credit (approx 0.23GBP) per page of 25 index results, and 2 credits (approx 0.46GBP)  to view an image.

Old Parish Registers, Catholic Parish Registers, Statutory Registers and Census

  • It costs 7GBP (approx. 8EUR or 11USD), to search the Old Parish Register, Statutory Register and Census indexes in the database.
  • This gives you 30 'page credits' and allows access for a period of one year (starting from the time your credit card payment is authorised), however many times you log on and off in that time.
  • If you download 30 pages before your one year is up, you can buy a further 30 page credits for 7GBP, and your access time is extended for a further one year.
  • You will not lose your existing credits when your one year session is expired; when you buy more credits they will simply be added to your existing credits.
  • Charges for index-searching are based on the number of pages actually displayed, not on the number of records retrieved.
  • Each time you do a search, you are told how many records have been found; each record refers to a specific event, ie a particular birth/baptism, marriage or death.
  • Before displaying the records, you have the opportunity to re-define, and narrow the search, without displaying the results.
  • If you decide to view these records, they are displayed in pages each containing a maximum of 25 records. One page of results costs 1 credit.
  • Viewing images costs 5 credits per image (Valuation Roll images are currently 2 credits as a special introductory offer).
  • To look at an index entry and view an image will cost a minimum of 1.40GBP (approx. 1.6EUR or 2.25USD)
  • Viewing an 1881 census transcription costs 1 credit.
You can access any of your previous searches and downloaded images, without charge, simply by logging in to the site. There is no time limit on how long you can keep these searches and images. You can also order copies of any of your previously viewed records at any time.

If any searches / images are deleted however, you would need to pay to view these again as they are irretrievable.

  • An extract is an officially certified copy of a statutory register entry or copy of a parish register entry or census page and can be ordered online also.
  • A fixed fee of 12GBP (approx. 13EUR or 19USD) is payable per extract. Credits or the payment for those cannot be used against the purchase of an extract.
  • Your request is automatically forwarded to the National Records of Scotland to fulfill the order and mail the extract to you.
  • Please note that refunds will not generally be given, therefore you must be sure that the extract ordered is correct. If there is any dubiety over which record is the correct one, then you are recommended to order an extract using the search facility at NRS. For more information on the services available visit the NRS website
  • It is not possible to order extracts of Catholic Parish Registers or Wills & Testaments.

See Extracts for more information.

Payment can be by credit or debit card and most major cards are accepted including Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, Switch, Solo, Delta and JCB. 30 Credit Vouchers are available for purchase. For further information on how to pay, look at Payment Process.

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