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Genealogy research

Genealogy research just got a little bit easier, thanks to ScotlandsPeople. Our unique Scottish database makes doing a genealogy search easier than ever before, so you can find out who your ancestors were quickly and easily. Painstaking genealogy research could be a thing of the past.

Start your genealogy research with ScotlandsPeople >>

Put away those reading glasses and sit back. Genealogy research is easy with the ScotlandsPeople database. There is no longer any need to spend hours in the library leafing through dusty tomes, burning the midnight oil and crawling towards another glimpse of the past only to discover its another blind alley.

Start your genealogy research with just a surname and forename, or else the county of origin, the years youre particularly interested in whatever details you have to hand.

A genealogy search with ScotlandsPeople places information from more than four hundred and fifty years at your fingers tips, allowing you to peruse it on the screen in front of you, or even hold in your hand, all in an instant!

With literally millions and millions of records brought together for you and yours, the discovery of long lost Scottish relatives, the past that describes your today and makes your tomorrows that much more complete, is just around the corner.

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