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Genealogy UK

ScotlandsPeople is the perfect place to research genealogy UK for Scotland. Our web resource is one of the worlds largest sources of genealogical information and we hope you will find all the Scottish (UK) genealogy information you need, quickly and easily.

Research your genealogy in the UK for Scotland with ScotlandsPeople >>

If you are researching genealogy in the UK, we can provide you with unparalleled access to Scottish data, so you can discover your own history.

You dont have to trawl through countless census, parish, birth, marriage and death records by hand - if you have Scottish heritage, you could find all the information you need online with our genealogy UK Scotland service.

Explore our range of Scottish genealogy UK resources and discover your ancestors. Find out who great uncle Brian was or how your cousins made a name for themselves. The dense and rich tapestry of your own, personal family pedigree is waiting for you to discover it.

ScotlandsPeople is the only online government source of Scottish genealogical data. Our cutting-edge and user-friendly website is an exciting way to uncover all that is most important to you. And with almost forty million records at our disposal - one of the largest repositories of information available anywhere on the web, ScotlandsPeople is the place to start exploring Scotland UK genealogy.

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