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Genealogy Tree

Welcome to the home of Scottish genealogy trees. Here at ScotlandsPeople, we have the technology to research and reveal your very own genealogy and family tree. Our state-of-the-art website and database are complete with over four hundred and fifty years of census data and reports making the mapping of your genealogy tree as simple as possible.

Use our free surname search facility to start researching your genealogy tree >>

Historically, determining genealogy trees was vital to establishing ownership and rights to everything from property to royal lineage. And while todays investigators may not have such weighty and lofty matters at the forefront of their mind, the discovery of the individuals and circumstances that led to our individual heritage is still a wonderfully exciting and edifying experience.

Discover your genealogy and family tree simply, swiftly and accurately with ScotlandsPeople. Our unique, reliable and extensive breadth of data gives you unprecedented access to the official records of the past. You can discover your genealogy tree along with all the wondrous and enthralling events of Scotlands long and varied history.

Alternatively, discover the genealogy tree of some of Scotlands most famous sons and daughters. Take a peek into the background that provided the springboard for the achievements of those who were to go on to worldwide fame and recognition. With so many people and so much past, youll be glad you spent a few hours with ScotlandsPeople.

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