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Family Genealogy

You have reached the site for family genealogy. ScotlandsPeople is a unique resource dedicated to the provision of in depth and detailed information from Scottish genealogy records dating back over four hundred and fifty years. With unparalleled access to tens of millions of records, investigating family genealogy has never been so simple.

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The best place to start your family genealogy search is with your nearest and dearest. Old family photos, family legends and tall tales can all be incredibly useful. There is certain to be a wealth of information about your family genealogy stored away in your relatives memories it may just be a case of asking the right person the right question.

Allow our cutting edge website to access the countless Scottish genealogy records at our disposal. Armed with a few leads - a surname here, a maiden name there - our databanks can trawl through the centuries, delivering detailed family genealogy information to you in a matter of moments.

ScotlandsPeoples painstakingly-compiled records include scanned images of many of the original documents so you can trace your family genealogy back into the mists of time and see the birth certificate of your oldest known relative!

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